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How much Qt power in Game Design?

  • Hi
    Can i design a 3d football game with qt with high level graphics and physics?

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    Yes. The question is - do you really want to? I would say it's good to take advantage of good things in QtCore (QString etc.), but GUI stuff is designed for "standard" apps, not optimised towards games. You can try, though, especially with the new Qt3D module.

  • thanks for reply
    so,you mean that i can be sure about it?
    qt can do it very well?
    its not a test project,its a real project,and if we cant do it with qt3d , other teams want to do it by game engines as (unreal engine ,cryengine 3 etc.)

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    I don't know. You would have to investigate.

  • Qt can be helpful for your project, but I doubt it's the best choice for the hi-performance graphics parts. Anyway, since you're starting at such an endeavor, I guess you know best what kind of technologies and performance and architecture would be needed for such a thing? I'm not a game programmer myself, so I don't know. Perhaps you can tell us what you need, and we can tell you if Qt provides it.

    For things like configuration dialogs, network communication, string classes and many other things: you can certainly use Qt if you want.

  • great answer!

    I'm using CryEngine 3 for developing games.its powerful, but you know,game engines are limited.And we cant publish any thing!
    for example,(Fifa for ea and pes for konami) never used game engines such as Unreal Engine or Cry Engine!
    i want to design a Football Game,that has these features :

    • fast environment
    • good physics
    • Medium to High performance graphic
    • large support 3d models
    • network communication
    • good sound
    • good smooth,shade etc.
    • Medium to High performance Video
    • Display setting
    • good support controls,joy stick...
    • etc.

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    The you should definitely go for an existing game engine, or write your own if you are insane (this is a LOT of work, and very hard).

    The thing about publishing games with Cry Engine is that - surprise - you have to buy a license :) EA build their own engine, of course, and they use it all round.

  • There are also older game engines released to the public. ID published some, I think.

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1343288652"]
    The thing about publishing games with Cry Engine is that - surprise - you have to buy a license :) [/quote]

    CryEngine and Unreal Engine has a free version for education and learning ,if your game is serious,you can buy a license or use 20% method.

    but,there are no any ready engines or tools for qt3d?

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    There are 2 I've heard about for QML. I know literally nothing about Qt3D, so I can't help here.

    You can check out the Unity engine, too, it seems to be very good and cross-platform.

  • I think Cry Engine is best for me!
    with unity we cant design a high performance game as CE3.

  • The commercial aspect of unity is much more appealing than CE3. CE3 is a great engine, but expensive if you wish to sell. Unreal least expensive but you still pay royalties. Unity, still cheap and royalty free after you pay once for their professional version. (unless things have changed recently...)

    From the time I've spent with all three. Unity would be better suited for such a game in my opinion. All 3 can do it flawlessly though. Just do your research if this is a project with the intent to go commercial and see which engine is right for you when you have all the details on the table. Building a beautiful game only to realize you can't publish commercially without a hefty up front cost or more royalties than you would be happy paying is a big factor in such a decision.

    [quote author="abbas farahmand" date="1343289576"]
    with unity we cant design a high performance game as CE3.[/quote]

    There are actually a good lot of high performance games in Unity. Unity is just the new guy when it comes to game engines, so it hasn't picked up as much steam as engines like Unreal. Google "notable games in unity3d" and you will get a good list of what can be accomplished with it. (Not that I'm a Unity fan boy or anything, I change engines based on the project... I just believe some people underestimate the power of Unity) :) Hope this helps some.

  • I just tried Google Earth. It's technology behind the scene uses Qt. So after you have a try, you have confidence using Qt building large 3D games.

  • There are great tuturials on youtube for this

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