[Q] Custom sorting of QListWidget items

  • Hello everybody,
    I have following model of list view widget at the moment:

    Custom widget which i set to QListWidgetItem with icon and some labels
    class GUIContactWidget : public QWidget

    explicit GUIContactWidget(QWidget *parent = 0);

    QString skypename();
    uint availability();

    public slots:
    void updateAvatar(const QPixmap &);
    void updateSkypename(const QString &);
    void updateFullname(const QString &);
    void updateAvailability(uint );

    Ui::GUIContactWidget *ui;

    here is how I use it with QListWidget.(this->ui->lv_contacts is QListWidget)
    QListWidgetItem * item = new QListWidgetItem(this->ui->lv_contacts);
    GUIContactWidget * conwidget = cons[i]->widget();

    GUIContactWidget is connected to QObject class from which it gets updates events for avatar, name and contact availability.
    How can I implement easy and efficient(it's for ARM device) sorting for list view items using two parameters: availability and name(alphabetic sort) + resorting if this parameters are changed...

    for example like this:

  • What about using QTableWidget and enabling "sorting multiple columns":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/1349? Then you can add name and the availability using a column for each and then sort whatever you need. This way you could also sort by name only.

    The other way was to have a QList<QString> that you can sort and fill into the listWidet each time something changes (using the strings in your example). This is possibly the easiest way.

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