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problem on osx operating system. related to tag lib

  • Hi,
    problem on osx operating system.
    I include the taglib with my project on windows and it is working fine on windows.
    but when i try to run this on mac it give me the same error.
    I add code in file:
    INCLUDPATH +=“taglib-1.6.3/include”
    LIBS +=“taglib-1.6.3/libtaglib.a”
    LIBS +=taglib-1.6.3/taglib.dll

    I already added libtaglib.a and taglib.dll in my project along with taglib source code.

    I added code on Main:

    #include “tag.h”
    #include “fileref.h”
    #include “taglib.h”
    #include “taglib_export.h”

    Q_DECL_EXPORT int main(int argc,char *argv[])
    TagLib::FileName filepath(“song.mp3”);
    TagLib::FileRef f(filepath);
    TagLib::String artist=f.tag()->artist();
    aDebug()<<“Artist=”<< artist.toCString();

    This code is working for windows but not for OSX.

  • Moderators

    How is this code not working on OSX? Does compilation fail, linking or does it just do something unexpected?

    Are you sure you are using mac binaries of taglib on the mac? .dll makes it look like a windows binary.

  • yes, i found these binaries from net but these are only working for windows it seams to be it is compiled for windows .but i want to compile this for MAC .Can you suggest me some way to compile this for mac. I used cmake to compile this but it is fail to compile.
    here is code.

    version 1.6.3 i am using

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