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Poor graphic performance in drag element

  • I'm playng with Qt Quick and made a "mdi" interface.
    Actualy only rectangles with drag enaled.

    But the drag is in not smoot and consume a lot of cpu.
    I don't have the best GPU (intel 945GME) or GPU (Atom n270) here, bur drag 3 rectangles inside othr is not a hard task.
    Anyone know what is the problem?

    id: titlebar
    width: 120
    height: 24
    color: "#444"

            anchors.fill: parent
            drag.axis: Drag.XandYAxis
            drag.minimumX: 0
            drag.minimumY: 0
            color: "#FFF"
            width: 20
            height: 20
            anchors.right: parent.right
                anchors.fill: parent
                onClicked: window.state = "maximized"
        id: box
        width: 250
        height: 250
        x: titlebar.x
        y: titlebar.y+titlebar.height


  • Well...
    The problem is in the Qt part of the code. Maybe QDeclarativeView.
    Running the QML file with qmlviewr the velocity is ok. Compiling the project i have a lt of lag.

    I create the app with the template Qt Quick Application of qtcreator 2.1 beta 2.

    I will read the qmlapplicationviwer to find the problem

  • You also have some performance hints at this page:

  • thanks.
    I will see the setGraphicsSystem

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