Problem of using Qt

  • I cannot add push button or any other items except horizontal/vertical line into the ui form. How can i solve this problem???

  • So what is your requirement ?

  • i am using Qt4.7.4 and i cannot add even a pushbutton to a new interface of a new Qt GUI Application project
    but i tried to use Qt4.8.1, everything is alright
    so what is the problem about Qt4.7.4?

  • Qt 4.7.4 has no problems like you're describing. We're using it for complex UI's successfully. Do you honestly think it would have been released if you could not use it to put a QPushButton on a form?

    Something is wrong with either your code your system setup.

  • i try another computer and same problem occur
    and the project is newly created

    i download the QtSDK from and download Linux/X11 64-bit offline installer
    i choose custom, and install all the things except 4.8.1 source and qt4.8.1(Desktop)

  • Define "I cannot add push button"

  • Normally, click and drag the pushbutton to the interface, then the pushbutton will be on the interface.
    But i cannot do this step. Qt dont allow me to do it.

  • Do you get an error message? Does QtCreator output any error message or warning when you start it in the terminal? Does it happen with absolutely all widgets except the vertical/horizontal lines? Does your program run when you add widgets programmatically, i.e. in the main window constructor?

  • In Qt Creator, open the design view on a form. Then click in the menu Tools -> Form Editor -> About Qt Designer Plugins... Do you see anything in the dialog you get? Are any plugins listed? Any errors reported?

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