Plugin Load Problem

  • I'm development a software that need to load a lib("libmacdocktile.dylib") to show text in dock icon, imitating cocoa behavior.

    @QPluginLoader* loader = new QPluginLoader(;
    QObject *o = loader->instance();
    @ denote the absolute path of the lib
    (it's /Users/patricklee/space/uHub/uHub/ in my dev environment).

    When I run it in Qt, it works fine and successfully loaded to o.
    But when I run outside,
    change to /Users/patricklee/space/uHub/uHub/, and open, or
    change to /Users/patricklee/space/uHub/uHub/, and open uhub,
    the lib doesn't load and return 0x00 to o.

    How to make it work outside qt?

  • any one could help?

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    How do you find the absolute path? Is it correct?

  • I place the lib in the ***.app/Contents/MacOS/,
    it's absolutely correct because I can run in the Qt.

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