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MacOS X Escape key handling - How?

  • Hi Guys!

    I'm currently working on a cross-platform app with Qt. It works fine on Win and Linux, but on Mac a problem poped up...

    I can't handle key events. I've read in the documentation, there are 2 function for mac event a handling QApplication::macEventfilter(...) and QWidget::macEvent(...). The usage of these is not clear to me, because I can't find examples on the web.

    The only thing I want to implement is to handle an Escape keystroke. But the Apple Dev site says that the escape key doesn't geneterate an ordinary key event, instead of that it generates some cancelOperation action message with NSResponder object.

    I'm not a Mac developer, so I not very familiar with these things.

    I would be very happy if anybody could help me or could just post a fine code snippet of handling escape key with Qt on Mac.


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