Make a left/right arrow QShortcut

  • Hello there!

    I'm trying to make 2 QShortcuts, one for the left and one for the right arrow. This is what I do in the constructor of my dialog:
    (void) new QShortcut(Qt::RightArrow, this, SLOT(on_next_clicked()));
    (void) new QShortcut(Qt::LeftArrow, this, SLOT(on_previous_clicked()));
    but to no avail. I think the problem is that these arrows are taken for browsing among the buttons, lineedits etc that the dialog has.
    So, I tried writing the above code before
    but, (unsurprisingly) it didn't work!

    I also tried with
    (void) new QShortcut(Qt::RightButton, this, SLOT(on_next_clicked()));
    (void) new QShortcut(Qt::LeftButton, this, SLOT(on_previous_clicked()));
    but the problem persists!

    Any suggestions?

  • try using Qt::Key_Left/Right instead... maybe they'll work

    P.S. Qt::ArrowType(Qt::<<Left/Right>>Arrow) is not what you think it is... see "this":
    Qt::<<Left/Right>>Button are mouse buttons

  • Thanks!


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