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  • Hi,

    My requirement is like, i am planning to develop an commercial application using "Opensource QT".
    So, what are the things i need to take care.

    1. license of my software.
    2. should i have to get a "licenced QT" or still i can use the opensource for free.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi,

    You can use the LGSL license if you need for this.

    Having the commercial license with gice you some advantages or not based on your target development.

  • Check the QT Commercialpage about why.

  • If you choose LGPL:

    If you statically link Qt to your application, you need to release all the code under LGPL.
    If you link your application dynamically to Qt, and haven't patched Qt, you don't need to release your code under any free/open source license.
    If you link your application dynamically to Qt, and are distributing a patched version of Qt, you need to provide those patches under LGPL. The rest of the code in your application can stay proprietary/closed.

  • Thank you Ivan and Skylar. You have given me a valuable info.

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