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[Solved]Qt SDK 1.2.1 on flash drive

  • Can you set the drive letter to be dynamically added for an Windows application setting on a flash-USB?

    Would it be an environment variable, and if so what would it be called? -> (i.e. %ROOT %/Qt/4.8.1/bin)

    Issue Example:

    I have Qt SDK 1.2.1 installed on my flash drive for plug and play on any workstation without the environment. The issue is if the drive letter isn't assigned to be the same as when I installed it, things wont link or compile.



    You may install Qt SDK 1.2.1 to run on the assigned drive letter of the flash USB at the time of installation.

    However, to answer the question there is no way to set the Qt Creator settings to dynamically change drive destination resources for plug and play. If you wish to load Qt Creator on a foreign system the USB drive must be assigned the drive letter assigned at its installation.

    Unix / Linux

    UNIX and Linux systems reportedly have methods of achieving dynamic drive path assignments for USB applications.


    Unknown. Stay tuned or supply a answer please.

    I do remember reading the macs had their own mini OS just for applications to run solely on flash drives. I want to confirm before I say for sure.

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    Use a unix-like OS, it's simple to do it there.

    As for windows, if you mean to set the drive letter for qmake, it is possile (just add some global variable holding the drive letter, and use it in all paths). If you mean setting it in QtCreator itself, I don't think it's possible.

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