Need help with QML and C++ on implementation of Cows and Bulls

  • Hello fellows, I'm interested in programming with C++ and recently I bought a Nokia E7 phone for which I want to write programs/games. I read that qml and C++ are enough to do that. But I am new to QML and have almost no idea what I am doing, so I need a little bit help to make my first game ("Cows and Bulls": ). The interface it is going to be simple as possible and made with QML, and logic it is going to be with C++. Mainly it will have ordered texts to show numbers and this will be done with QML, and box for entering number with keyboard (I also have to find way to make virtual with only diggits). I found different threads about using c++ with QML but didn't get working example and I am stuck at the beginning of my work with no connection between QML objects and C++ and opposite. Could you help me at least with the getting work all together? Thank you in advance!

    PP: I am working on Windows 7 and QtSDK 1.2.1

  • Check the qml tutorials on "":
    and also check qt elearning video tutorials like qt quick for c++ developers. it helps to make connections between c++ and qml..keep us updated about your game...

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