Edit the icon of QListWidgetItem

  • Is there anyway to allow a user to edit an icon in a QListWidgetItem displayed in a QListWidget?

  • Edit how? You'll have to be more specific in what you want to achieve. The general answer is "yes" though. See for instance that in QtDesigner it is possible to modify images in an item view (the property editor is based on an item view).

  • I think yes.

  • Sorry, I should have asked if an image can be edited in a similar way as the text of an item can.

    It would be nice if the icon in a QListWidgetItem acted like a QPushButton where, when clicked, a dialog would appear with a variety of images that the user could choose to use as the icon.

    Is something like this possible or ever something similar?

  • Well, that's not all that of a similar way of editing as you can with a string, is it?

    But yes, that is possible. You'll need to create your own editor for this though. See [[doc:QItemEditorFactory]] as a starting point.

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