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New Wiki Page for absolute beginner.

  • Yes, it's a great idea and a huge task to implement. I think you/we should make it real step by step. There are a few different ways to make it. The first is to make a linktree like progress map, using and updating the existing wikis. The second way is to write a new set of wikis with external references to other subject related wikis. The third way is a mix of the two., which is maybe the preferable.

    I'm supporting this idea as it is a great idea and will improve existing basic wikis as well. Let me know if I can help in anything, I'll keep on eye on this thread ;)

  • Did you created the page ? Otherwise I'm going to create it and start write about Qt Creator

  • Wow i think that's a great idea just keep going my friend

  • here it is
    It is only the begining. In the others chapters I will try to cover

    • Hello world
      -- Presentation of Qt Creator (create project, add file, compile ...)
      -- Hello world with a button
      -- How to compile (basis of qmake)

    • A prettier button
      -- Have fun with properties
      -- What is a widget
      -- Create my own widget

    • Signals and slots
      -- What are signals and slots
      -- What is moc, what are metaobjects
      -- Write your slot, emit your signal

    • Doc

    • Layouting
      -- Presentation of different layouts
      -- Build a more complex app

    • More widgets
      -- Containers
      -- Buttons
      -- Displays
      -- Input fields

    • Main Window and dialogs
      -- Features of mainwndow
      -- Default dialogs (open close, color picker ...)

    • Designer

    • Exercise 1 : Widgets

    • Advanced topics
      -- Threads & processes
      -- Model / Views
      -- Painting
      -- XML
      -- SQL
      -- Webkit

    • Exercise 2 : Advanced exercise (to be defined)

    • Qt Quick
      -- First Quick app
      -- Anchoring
      -- States and transitions
      -- Splitting your app into many files
      -- Bind with C++

    • Exercise 3 : Qt Quick

    Feel free to comment on this plan, and to add your suggestions. And feel free to contribute to the article, and tag it or rate it up :)

  • Looks good at first glance, I'll try to contribute to this article as much as my freetime will allow.

  • BTW, I suck at english language, please correct me !

  • Moderators

    No problem there, I will occasionally check :) Just bump this topic from time to time to refresh my memory :D

  • I splitted the article into several ones, since it is going to be huge. I also added my draft plan in the wiki. If you want to add something, or move stuff, do it ! :)

    BTW, is there a way to navigate easily between different articles that belong to the same group (like in wikipedia) ? Because I created my navigation system with some arrows, but it do not seems to be that convincing ...

    TODO :

    • present Qt Creator
    • continue the pretty button part

  • Please help me to present Qt Creator, I'm not really good at this.
    Thanks in advance :)

  • I'm currently quite busy, but if I'll have some time during the weekend, that will be my first thing. But since then you can start by reading through the "Qt Creator wiki page": . There are some really good desciptions there already on the wiki ;)

  • Nice to see this. I think I'm gonna link the part with Qt Creator to this article, but a tutorial for somebody that do not know well what is an IDE might be interesting in our tutorial.

  • Moderators

    I've finished first round of language review :) There were just a few typos, and one or two sentences that sounded a bit awkward, so I've fixed those.

    PS. I would personally add Qt Assistant to the list of optional software, it's quite useful to have it on second display when you use docs a lot.

  • OK for assistant. Moreover, after signals and slots, I'm gonna talk about docs, so ... I fix it now

  • Thanks Sierdzio for all corrections you have made. This is really kind of you.
    I'm gonna write about your advice in the doc section too. Seems a quite good idea ;)

  • Hi everybody once again, you might have some ideas for the first exercise section, that is only an introduction of Widgets, and signals and slots (no layouting yet)

    BTW, the article is growing nicely. Do you know how to advertize it better and seek more contributors ?

  • Love!

  • That's a very good idea! :-)

  • Nice
    good idea

  • Greet idea :)

  • I also suggest including lots of pictures/screenshots, they always help me.

  • lovely :)

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