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How to release a Linux application

  • Hi guys! Sorry for my poor English.

    I'm new to QT. In years before I've worked on Borland C++ Builder.
    When I've switch on Linux i didn't code too much. Now I work on Linux and QT Creator is 2.5.0 Based on Qt 4.8.1 (64 bit).

    I've build one application, and I'm satisfied with it.
    Now I want to give it to other people (release it) and I don't wan't to give them headache with installation of it.

    I guess I need to build stand alone app or to install dependecis on target computer. I don't know how to do neither of that.

    Plus, I want to make same app for windows or even mac. So I need help with that also.

    I've search on forum and find some non-beginner solution, and find out that it is not understandably by me.
    I guess that many people want to know this, so please, help me/us.

    Please, I/we need step by step, answer!

    Thank's in advance!

  • Try searching for 'deployment' in the docs

  • As raaghuu already suggested. You may also choose the "deployment" tag which has been assigned already to your post.
    As some of the first entries you will find "the wiki page on building installers":

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