[SOLVED] Play sound using qml in resource on Symbian

  • I'm getting crazy with that!!!
    I've tried to use SoundEffect or Audio qml tag within qml located in resource (also the audio file was in a resource file).
    I've tried in C++ using a real audio file (copying it with DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS) and QMediaPlayer: the file path was correct but I have not heard anything!
    I'm in process of create an app fpr both symbian and meego, so I want to use the same code (on MeeGo, using qml and sound files in the resource works just with SoundEffect tag; the same doesn't work on symbian).
    How can I achieve that??
    I've tested it on a nokia x7 and c7

    Thank you

  • Hi,
    I am also using the QML SoundEffect and Audio element from QtMultimediaKit 1.1 for both Symbian and Meego for a game. From my experience, they both work with the same code. However, Meego has some troubles with multiple simultaneous sound effects while a background music (Audio) is playing.

    Maybe your issues have something to do with the audio sampling rate or frequency? The background music I'm using for the Audio element has a frequency of 48kHz and 128kbit quantization, the file format is mp3. An example for a working sound effect is a wav file with 44.1kHz, 1 channel and 16 bits per sample.

    These audio files are loaded with the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS approach, so not from the resource file.

    I hope that helps?

  • Hi, thank you for your help...
    I have some experience on symbian and meego handling sounds; I've done a game using sounds as you said, but in the case of qml within resource, that works only on meego! i don't know why.
    If the qml isn't in resource file, the DEPLOYEMNTFOLDERS works very well!
    As I told, i've tried to copy sounds in to device and open that (always in qml within resource) without success!
    Why the same tecnique doesn't work for both?!

  • I'm afraid I dont know why playing from resources isnt working on Symbian.. Is just using the deploymentfolders approach not an option for you?

    So as a recap:

    • sounds & qml as deploymentfolders -> works on Symbian & meego
    • qml in resource, sound not in resource but with deploymentfolders -> does NOT work on symbian, but works on meego
    • what about both, the qml file and sound file in resource?


  • It's very difficult to recap;
    In my experience, on Symbian I've always used qml and sounds as normal files and not in resources; on the other side, on Meego I've always used qml and sounds as resources;
    i'm not crazy if I did that...I suppose that on meego works both method!
    1- Sounds & qml as deploymentfolders: valid for Symbian & Meego
    2- Qml in resources and sounds on deploymentfolders doesn't work for both (on Symbian sure!)
    3- Actually, qmls & sounds in resources work only for Meego

    I think that is because when you use qml/js in resource and use relative path for sounds, it translate absolute path as "qrc:/bla/bla.wav"

  • Yes you are right, based on the setMainQmlFile() call (in case you are using the QmlApplicationViewer), the baseUrl of the QDeclarativeEngine is set. So if you call setMainQmlFile(":/main.qml"), every qml file, image or sound file is prepended with ":/".

    So the easiest approach to me seems, to just use deploymentfolders on both platforms. If that is not an option, you could use qml & sounds in the resources for Meego, and from deploymentfolders for Symbian. So you could decide at runtime which one to use like this:
    #if defined(Q_OS_SYMBIAN)
    // on symbian use the copied files with DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS
    #elif defined(MEEGO_EDITION_HARMATTAN)
    // on meego use the resources
    // for desktop, whatever you prefer

  • Sure...nice, maybe it could be a good idea!!

  • [quote author="feldifux" date="1342621086"]
    So you could decide at runtime which one to use

    I've used this way and even is a huge solution (resources and files) it works very well on both!!

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