Updating QScrollArea scroll bars in code - verticalScrollBar()->value() always returns 0 whatever value it is given

  • I have a test app with a QScrollArea which is nicely using verticalScrollBar()->setValue() to scroll up and down the scroll bars.

    Created a CScrollArea (until I think of a better name) inherited from QScrollArea. Call:

    m_verticalScroll = verticalScrollBar()->value();@

    no matter what the value of m_verticalScroll, verticalScrollBar()->value() returns 0 - i.e. nothing moves.

    Note: My CScrollArea is the centralWidget in a MainWindow (but the QScrollArea within the test app is also the central widget).

    Any thoughts please?

  • your question is too brief and you need to provide more details. Scrolling is straightfoward in QT unlike win32 api/MFC where honestly I found it a pain... Here is a short program where i scroll to
    the bottom of a page.
    "Download test project":https://dl.dropbox.com/u/51343591/CScroll.rar
    @ int maximumY= scrollarea->verticalScrollBar()->maximum();

    And slam dunk no questions asked, you scroll to the bottom.
    "see image":http://i.imgur.com/SpXwL.jpg

  • Appreciate the response. As I say, I have the code working in my test app, but the same code (from the same source file) just does not work. If I had more information I would put give it but I do not - it is not even worth including my code in my main project because it is all commented out while I get this working. I am literally just calling the same thing, in the same solution with a different project - very frustrating with such a simple bit of code.

  • OK, with a fresh brain I have now solved it (just in case anyone else has this problem). The projects were identical for all intents and purposes except for the ui (since I was not accessing the ui and my scroll class was the only thing on the screen I did not see that as a problem).

    My full project had styling applied in the UI - inc styling on the scroll bar. Remove that and bingo!!!

    (In my defence the whole point was to have the scroll bars hidden so I did not see the styling).

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