Html5ApplicationViewer - popups, internet and logs

  • Hi
    I'm working on a Qt program to run WebOS Mojo apps. It works alright when it comes to displaying.
    I just set the html5applicationviewer source to path provided in argv[1] (it'll need some sanity checks but right now I skip it).

    But when it comes to interacting there are three main problems:

    1. What is: Many apps are 'faceless apps'. You can click launch and then a popup window should appear. But with html5applicationviewer nothing appears, there's still the info about faceless app is shown. Nothing happends after clicking Launch button What should be: After clicking launch button another window should appear or even replace the old window (maybe even automatically, without clicking launch). _ as if pointertopopupwindow = pointertothiswindow _

    2. What is: no data is successfully downloaded. Chromium complained about unsafe header "X-JSON" when run with --allow-file-access-from-files and the only way to run it in chromium is to run with --disable-web-security. What should be: any downloads shouldn't be a problem Possible concept solutions: Disable security checks, disable header check, add this header to whitelist

    3. What is: no log messages ("web console") are shown. If app requires additional tweaking (some apps run ok in chromium but don't run at all in html5applicationviewer) I can't fix it or it's hard. What should be: verbose mode

    Are my problems solvable?

    Thanks in advance.

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