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Any QSlider, QRadioButton, or QSpinBox already built into QML and QtQuick?

  • I wrote a small game in Qt C++ and now trying to migrate part of it to QML. I've got a little config panel of sliders and stuff that I want to move over to QML. So far, I was able to create a C++ QDeclarativeItem object to encapsulate a QSlider and then use 'qmlRegisterType' to expose that new class to QML. The slider displays, although I can't really interact with it, so it seems that I'd have to redefine every one of the interface functions and link it up between QML and the Declarative C++ class to make it work correctly. I'm hoping that's already done somewhere and I just haven't found it yet.

  • they are there in the Components module...
    you will have to import something like @import<platform> 1.x@

    <platform> is symbian, meego, etc depending on what you installed along with the SDK

  • How do I find out what modules are available? Currently I'm developing on either Ubuntu 12.04 or Windows 7, just running the application on the desktop at the moment. So none of the cellphone OS platforms apply. I tried "import 1.4" etc but don't know where to find what the current versions are.

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