Function call through loader...

  • I have four files in the same directory at same level.

    1] a.qml has a loaderA which loads a b.qml.
    2] b.qml has a loaderB which loads a c.qml.
    3] c.qml has a function.
    4] now i want to call these function from a d.js file.

    usually for one loader this can be achieved by loaderA.item.function, but how can i do it in this case.?
    loaderA.item.loaderB.item.function didn't work...

  • a js file is included in one QML file.
    in this js file, you can use idItem.function()

  • @dmcr
    yes, it works fine for function call through / for single loader.
    but when i have two loaders it doesn't work...
    [please re-read the problem]

  • could you post the code please ?

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