Setting up Bitbucket Repository on QtCreator

  • Note:New to version control. Have git installed and created a repo. in bitbucket.

    I'm a bit lost how to change the repository address in qtcreator to the one I have in bitbucket. Adding a project to git via Tools -> Git -> Create Repository just has me select a folder I want to create a repository in. How do I change the repository address to https://... address so I can commit there?

  • Tools -> Git -> Remotes...
    There you will see Add button

    Or from terminal:
    $ git remote add <name> <url>

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    A git repository is always local. You need to add remotes to pull/push to them.

    Alternatively you can do "File->New Project->Import->from git" (from memory, actual items might vary) to import a new project from git, which will basically show a wizard and then run git clone.

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