Silly question: QGraphicsEllipseItem

  • I'm just playing around with QGraphicsEllipseItem. I'm trying to do something like this:
    #ifndef BALL_H
    #define BALL_H

    #include <QtGui>

    class Ball : public QGraphicsEllipseItem
    explicit Ball(void);

    #endif // BALL_H
    @#include <QtGui>
    #include "Ball.h"

    : QGraphicsEllipseItem(85, 0, 30, 30)

    For some reason I'm getting a "undefined reference to `vtable for Ball'" during the linking stage (gcc 4.4.5). Any ideas what I'm forgetting here? Thanks!

  • I should add on to this I guess. The documentation specifies some virtual functions under "Reimplemented Public Functions". Do I have to re-re-implement them? Or is there something else I'm missing.

  • QGraphicsItems are not QObjects, so remove that Q_OBJECT macro and rerun qmake if necessary.

  • Thanks! It worked.

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