Encoding problem in Issues panel

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    I've installed a Qt on my PC with Windows 7 x64. Now have problems with encoding in Issues panel (watch the attached picture). It seems like the issues descriptions are in Russian language or something like that. How can I solve that problem or how can I change a language of issues descriptions to English?

    It's the only one thing in Qt that has that problem. When I change the interface language to Russian, it's OK.

    !http://dl.dropbox.com/u/65874762/edGCkDkqx3U.jpg(Issues panel)!

    Sorry for my English.

    Thank's for replies.

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    IIRC the code uses "fromLocal8Bit()" to convert the output of the compiler to QStrings. If your compiler uses a different language/encoding than your system that will fail. Unfortunately I am not aware of a more reliable way to find out which encoding to expect from Microsoft compilers. Do you have any ideas?

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