What kind of widget(s) should I be looking for?

  • I've been looking through all the tools/widgets but I'm still at a loss as to which one(s) I need to use.

    I'm developing for use in Windows. What I'd like is to have a list on the left with two columns as well as a header row. Then on the right side, a grid style list (that looks a lot like windows Explorer's file list) -- again, it will have multiple columns (varying number of columns) with a header row.

    It would be nice if I could put these on some type of panel -- the divider separating both should be movable so that I can make the area in which each widget "lives".

    Part of my problem is that I pulled up some of the demos and examples that looked like they might be useful (although I couldn't find any examples of these exact features). But it wouldn't allow me to open them in the edit view so I can't tell what the different tools/widgets are.


    EDIT: I just found an example that seems to have the two features I was asking about but I still can't get it to let me open the form in design view. The example is "Chart Example".

  • Hi,

    the widgets would be:

    A QSpitter as panel

    and two QTableViews for the data. You could also use a QTreeView with just one level, just have a look at the visual aspects.

  • Hi Gerolf! Thanks for the reply.

    I was able to find the QTableView. But I don't see a QSplitter listed in the QTDesigner. I've got my ui file open and see a whole bunch of widgets and tools.

    I created the project using the QTui type.

    Thanks again!

  • Ok. I just found it. I thought I was looking for a container widget. But I placed two tableview objects on my form and selected both. Then across the top, I found "Layout Horizontally in a Splitter". I clicked it and to tableview objects are in a splitter now.

    Thanks for the help!

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