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Qt project into the Visual Studio 2008. Installing just Qt libraries using Visual Studio 2008? Why not the whole SDK with installation wizard?

  • Hello fellow programmers!

    I have few questions that I´ve been trying to figure out few days. Maybe you could help me to understand installing the Qt SDK with Visual Studio 2008.

    My situation is:

    I´ve installed newest Qt SDK version to my computer. Then I´ve made a simple GUI program. Everythings fine in Qt. Now I would like to use this code as a part of my bigger program in Visual Studio 2008 Professional full version. Then I started to search information how to import projects from Qt to Visual Studio 2008. Now I faced these questions, when reading different kind of tutorials:

    Example tutorial, that I´ve been reading: "Qt & Visual Studio 2010":

    1. Is this tutorial proper for Visual Studio 2008 too? 2008 Version is my only choice now.

    2. People install just Qt libraries from Qt´s website. Why not whole SDK and install it in Windows with installation wizard?
    My plan is to do usually GUI in Qt Creator and bring it into a Visual Studio program, where I do everything else than the GUI.
    Then I suppose that I have to install the whole Qt SDK, not just libraries?

    3. People talk about Qt binaries and Qt precompiled binaries. What does it mean?
    It is said that this takes many hours when I compile Qt binaries with Visual Studio 2008 (In Visual Studio´s command promt). Is this the only way to make it work with Visual Studio? Or can I install whole SDK first and then combine it somehow with Visual Studio 2008?

    4. Could someone tell about the process overview, what is happening when combining Qt with Visual Studio? Does it mean just that then I can use Qt libraries in Visual Studio, but I can´t do anything in Qt Creator and import that into the Visual Studio 2008?

    Thank you for any kind of help, when opening my mind in this area!

    Kind regards,

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    1. You can just use qt designer. No need to bring up the full IDE to edit a ui file:-).

    Sorry, I never worked with Visual Studio, so I can't help with the questions.

  • Well, you have a couple of possibilities.

    1. The Qt SDK comes as complete development environment including Qt creator. Probably most people are using it together with MinGW compiler and open source debuggers as tool chain. You may use also MS VC compiler and debugger as a tool chain.

    2. Since you have already MSVC 2008 you do not need to have to use Qt creator, if you do not like. Especially if you are already familiar with MSVC, I would recommend to use MSVC as your IDE.

    2a. With MSVC you can download the pre-build versions of Qt from "here. ": This is already compiled for MSVC 2008.

    2b. The page you are referring to is for compiling the Qt libs all by yourself. I had a quick look to the guide it looked sufficient to me (I am a MSVC 2005 user). However, I have not compiled lately myself. I am simply using the pre-build versions (unfortunately 2005 is no longer pre-build).
    Building the libs your self is not really a big deal, but it takes quite some compile time. Therefore, I would recommend to try the pre-build version (see 2a) first.

    For MSVC there is a tool called VS Add-in it facilitates in the use of Qt libs (setup of projects, etc.). The "VS Add-in may be found also on the download page.":

  • Thank you for all information. This helped me a lot!

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