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Start debugging subdir executable

  • I've just started organizing a project of mine that consists of a library and a executable. I created a subdirs project that contains both, and compiling runs just in debug and release mode. Now my problem is that I don't see how to start the executable with the debugger. In searching the only thing related to the subject is this bug report "here": that tells you to right click on the executable project and click run. That works fine, but there isn't an option for starting with a debugger? Am I missing something incredibly obvious or do I have to open the project individually to be able to debug from Qt Creator?

    I'm using Qt Creator 2.4.1.

  • You can set the executable to run within creator in the Projects tab. Also, in Qt Creator 2.5, the implementation of the screen you get when you click the 'project' button (the button just above the 'Run' button at the bottom of the screen) has changed to make it very easy to select the executable to run when debugging or running.

  • I see that now under projects then run settings. It looks like my real issue is that the run options are grayed out and there is a warning message "The .pro file is currently being parsed." I reran qmake on each of the projects (the sub directories and the subdirs project) and the warning remained. I am able to create a duplicate run configuration and get the typical run/run with debugging behavior. Strange. Problem solved though.

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    Please file a bug report: "The .pro file is currently being parsed" should not stay longer than a couple of seconds while the project structure is scanned.

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