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Show Fedora 17 Gnome authentication dialog

  • I want to execute a terminal command that requires root privileges through QProcess or the system() function. For example:
    QProcess process;
    process.start("su -c "cp -f -r /home/<user>/file.txt /etc"");
    while( process.waitForFinished());

    ... or ...:
    system("su -c "cp -f -r /home/<user>/file.txt /etc"");

    "su" is a command-line interface command for providing root privileges. I want to use a "gksu", "kdesu", "beesu" - a GUI equivalent of the command-line interface in Fedora 17 Gnome to ask the user for the root's password.

    I know that "beesu" could be installed additionally and thus provide the desired GUI interface, but it should be installed additionally. I want to use a GUI password authentication dialog that comes in Fedora 17 Gnome by default.

    When you install packages through the "Add/Remove Software" tool in Fedora, it asks you for the administrator/root password through a GUI interface:

    This is the interface I want to use and call. Is this interface integrated in the "Add/Remove Software" tool or is it a separate program that can be called by any other program?


  • Hi,

    I believe this is what you're looking for: "How to get applications running with root privileges":

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