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QTcpSocket accepts localhost but not

  • Hello

    I have a Qt server app running on my computer, and a Qt client app which connects with:
    @socket.connectToHost("localhost", 9998);@
    @socket.connectToHost("my-pc-name", 9998);@

    The above works perfectly. But the following:
    @socket.connectToHost("", 9998);@
    @socket.connectToHost(QHostAddress("localhost"), 9998);@

    These two lines don't work.

    My Apache server on the other hand responds to these IPs well when I enter them on my browser:

    I downloaded the latest Qt SDK from for my Ubuntu 12.04 installation. The about page says:
    @Qt Creator 2.4.1
    Based on Qt 4.7.4 (64 bit)
    Built on Jan 25 2012 at 11:24:18
    From revision 8cd370e163@

    What could be the problem? The biggest problem is that on my N9 I even the face problem when trying these lines:
    @socket.connectToHost("my-pc-name", 9998);@

    @socket.connectToHost("", 9998);@

    Thank you!

  • QHostAddress() when constructed with a string expects an IP address not a name and it does not do a name lookup. So, QHostAddress("localhost") is not valid. You can get the loopback interface using QHostAddress(QHostAddress::LocalHost) or QHostAddress("").

    QAbstractSocket::connectToHost(), when given a QString, does a name lookup if needed, i.e. it takes a name or an IP address in the string. Both variants work correctly here. If you have no name resolution service then this might fail (I don't know about the N9).

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