Sanity tests and Bots

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if there are some sanity tests we can run a for a new release we take and if yes, what are their contents ? Where can i get those tests ?
    What are they testing ?
    I have heard about bots ? What is it ? Does it mean automatic robot testing ?

    I would like to have some sanity tests to run for each release i take to check there is no regression.

    Thanks for your help


  • If you are talking about Qt there is quite a huge amount of (regression) tests, and they are run automatically by the continuous integration system resp. the build system for (roughly) each integration and release.

    See also "Continuous Integration (CI) Overview": and tests resp. qtbase/tests.

  • Ok thanks

    We have our proper CI (Continuous Integration) system and we take some QT code to integrate with our APIs.
    Is it possible to test automatically the version of QT we get in our system.

    For that i need to see what are the QT tests that are made and if we can port then.

    Can you indicate the QT non regression tests code ?


  • They are part of the "Qt sources":

  • Hi,

    I have still a question concerning QT tests and WebKit test.
    Is there any domcumentaiton that is listed what tests are done and what features are tested.
    I have looked at :

    but i really don't undertand what the tests are supposed to do.


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