QMessageBox executing action even thou I clicked NO

  • Hello my friends,

    yet again I have trouble with my code (which WORKED a few days ago...). In my project, I made a pushButton which is connected to a function which deletes a row from sqlite database. Function is displayed below.

    Problem is, a row will be deleted EVEN IF I PRESS NO. MessageBox pops up with the question, but whatever answer I chose, it ALWAYS executes the query.

    @def deleteFromDB(self):
    name = (str(self.ui.searchName.text()).upper())
    if name:
    with con:
    cur = con.cursor()
    cur.execute('SELECT name FROM cases WHERE name =?',[name])
    tempname = str(cur.fetchone())
    if len(tempname) != 4 :
    reply = QtGui.QMessageBox.question(self, 'Removal',
    "Are you sure ", QtGui.QMessageBox.Yes |
    QtGui.QMessageBox.No, QtGui.QMessageBox.No)
    if reply == QtGui.QMessageBox.Yes:
    cur.execute('DELETE FROM cases where name =?',[name])@

    indentation might be a little off, because my editor uses tabs for indentation and I tried to fix it on the spot for this posting.

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