What is this widget? Is it available for Qt?

  • I saw this in a couple of apps for Ubuntu..


    Is this Ubuntu specific (Gtk) ?9

  • I've seen this on Wind*** as well, therefore I don't think this is Ubuntu specific. But I have no idea whether there is a Qt version of it.

  • If you have experience in Qt Widget development, you could implement your own.

    This is a very basic overview, but I'd make a widget class that inherits QWidget and create a layout manager and add two QLabels for the two switch states to layout manager. You could then style each QLabel using QSS to use specific background colors and rounded corners. The switch element can be a widget styled to have rounded corners and be placed on top of the main widget. You'll have to create signals for handling the click event of the switch. Then within your main code, you'll have to connect the switch state changed signal to a slot.

    I may look into making a widget like this at some point. It's got a nice clean look. I'll put the source on my Github if I do decide to make the widget.

  • It looks like a QML Switch Element...

  • Hi, ~Leon!

    Qt doesn't have this widget in defaults, but it's very simple to implement it on your own!

    I will do it in this way.

    1. In switcher - create horizontal layout.
    2. Create QLabel and set it's style via QSS.
    3. Move it in layout.

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