QDeclarativeImage_QML_4: Protocol "C" is unknown

  • Trying to run my simple QML app on Nokia N900 with qmlviewer. I have a png image for background. And it is not displayed at all. Instead, i get this warning message:

    QDeclarativePixmapReaderThreadObject(0x228540) file:///...simple_one.qml:19:5: QDeclarativeImage_QML_4: Protocol "C" is unknown

    Works fine on desktop qmlviewer (Windows XP). Any clue what's going on?

  • Your filepath is defaulting to something like c:/folder/folder... this is how the file system is organized in symbian , but maemo needs a linux like path ,thats why you are getting a protocol c is unknown because it doesn't know what the c: means.

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