Application slower on qt 4.8.0 than 4.7.4

  • I have an application that I was developing with Qt 4.7.4 but I had the problem (the bug is reported) with the button's (too small) hit area. So I change for Qt 4.8.0. Now my problem with the button is resolved, but my application runs really slower that it ran with Qt 4.7.4. Is there anything I need to do? Kind of settings...



    It's my all application that runs slower, every click, every display, everything take twice more time that it used to. Like if I was on an old computer. I'm talking about my application in the deployment form because I'm in the tests. I'm coding on Mac OSX Lion (10.7.4) with Qt 2.4.1

  • Man, does it become slower when you complie with 4.8.0 only????

  • What I notice is not only are applications slower but compilation time is longer with 4.8 too. Also, I remember there was one particular bug in 4.8 which slashed graphics view performance by half, I am not aware if that got fixed.

  • Got it, why don't you try compile with 4.8.2 ? just to try out

  • yes it was with 4.8.0. I didn't try 4.8.2. but now I'm giving a try I'm downloading it

    I hope they have fixed it...

  • I had to compiled my app with 4.8.0 after being working with 4.7.4 and I didn't notice anything slower, I had another issues but not related to that, hope you get it fixed, otherwise, try solving your 4.7.4 issue with something, I have found out 4.7.4 works very good

  • Crazy. I've made the observation that graphics stuff (especially QPainter/QPixmap drawing based) has doubled or tripled in speed from 4.7.4 to 4.8.1.

  • I fully trust you...that's really annoying

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