Very first newby question( Qt Creator )

  • Hi all,
    Before start reading C++ GUI Programming with Qt4, I installed Qt creator to see how the Qt Creator looks like.
    I just got the tutorial: Creating a Qt Quick Application which asks me to do the following:

    Select File > New File or Project > Qt Quick Project > Qt Quick UI > Choose.

    Follow the instructions of the wizard to create a project called Transitions.

    Press Ctrl+R to run the application in the QML Viewer.

    Everything runs apparently fine until I try step 3. When I hit Ctrl+R, nothing happens.
    Also, if I check the screen shot on the tutorial, it seems that the Design icon is enabled, but in my case this icon is disabled.

    Thank you,

    Qt Creator 2.1.0
    Qt version 4.7.2

  • Hi, ~santiagorf!

    Welcome to Qt Developer Network!

    No, no. GUI != QML. There are three types of projects you can create in Qt Creator:

    • GUI-based (File -> New Project -> Applications -> Qt GUI Application)
    • QML-based (File -> New Project -> Applications -> Qt Quick Application)
    • HTML5-based (File -> New Project -> Applications -> HTML5 Application)

    In book you haven't started to read told about GUI-based development.

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