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Upgrading QT Creator causes "invalid qt version"

  • I have opened a project (using 2.0.93) created using a previous version (2.0.92). When I go to the run settings ctrl+5 I can't set a target and just get the message "invalid qt version" in the 'Qt version' dropdown. How can I fix this?



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    Go to project mode, build settings and select a Qt version that is not invalid.

    What exactly did you do? Did you (un-)install Qt versions while upgrading Qt creator? That is the only reason I can think of that could make a Qt version invalid.

  • Having the same problem with qt creator 2.0.93 and 2.0.94.

    As far as I can see there's no "build settings" for qml projects (for valid reasons indeed :). If I press the "Manage Qt versions" button besides the Qt version dropdown, it shows all my installed qt versions correctly. I just can't select any of them in the dropdown as it only contains the "Invalid Qt version" entry.

    A (hopefully temporary) workaround is to add a new Custom Executable run configuration and set it execute qmlviewer.exe from your qtdir\bin. I just haven't yet resolved what should I put as arguments in order to launch it with the current open qml file. Is there a special word for it similar to e.g $BUILDDIR? For now I just set my main qml file (absolute path, relative didn't work despite builddir arg) in the arguments field but it doesn't help much if you need to regularly run the current open file.

    My project Run Settings -
    My Qt versions -


    Update: For me the problem persists only in qml projects, not c++ projects.

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    Which Qt versions do you have installed?

    Does a Qt 4.7.1 work? There are some issues we had with Qt 4.7.0 and Qt Quick, so maybe somebody raised the required version to be at least 4.7.1. Unfortunately I am just guessing here.

  • Qt 4.7.1 for Symbian.

    But I just installed Qt 4.7.1 for Windows and got it work with it. "Invalid Qt version" disappeared and I got "Qt 4.7.1 for Windows" to the dropdown menu. Maybe something wrong in my Qt 4.7.1 for Symbian installation. However, all the other things within it work (simulator and device builds), it's just the qmlviewer which is not recognized automatically. Even though it is there in C:\Qt\4.7.1-symbian\bin

  • I think I had the same issue but this was a while ago now. I had NokiaQtSDK and I updated to Qt4.7.1 Symbian and then Qt-Creator 2.1 beta 2. The Run option was greyed out so I could only Run on Symbian device. However, if I launched the Symbian Command Prompt, I could use qmlviewer from there.

    Upon installing Qt4.7.1 for Windows, the Run option worked again.

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