[SOLVED]Designer: Unable to change any object text

  • Hello everyone,

    I needed to redesign my whole GUI, so I started from scratch, created the layouts etc, so everything scales according to main window size.

    After that, I am unable to change eg: currentTabText. Not even one object will allow me to change it's text? Is that a bug, or layouts or...?


    In fact, I am able to change any pushButton text via "context menu -> Change text". Text on QTabWidget is not changeable, like it's read-only. Here is a screenshot of Properties editor:


    Every property behaves like it is read only...

  • Hello, ~ivicia!

    It's not read-only. It can't be read-only. You must edit currentTabText insttead of it's childs.

    P.S. You should make your link into image:
    !http://img4.imagetitan.com/img4/small/4/4_dddd1.png(alternative text)!

  • Something got messed up with the designer, I was unable to change any property. I deleted .designer directory, started it again and now everything works.

    Thank you for your reply.

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