Static QML screen size

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use Qt Quick to make a touch application which is on an odd-sized touch screen: 1280 * 242. I want to be able to view the application as it will be, always at this size, without any other scaling. Is there anyway I can set the screen size to be static so I can see what the application will be like without having to drag it from its standard iphone like set up every time? I've tried setting the height and width of the elements to the appropriate size, but it seems to have no effect, and remains the same iphone-ish size.

    Thanks in advance

  • I guess this depends on how you run your Qt Quick application, and possibly also what target you are building it for and running it on. If you have access to the declarative view showing your QML it should be fairly easy to either

    1. Set the size of the declarative view and make sure its resize mode is set to QDeclarativeView::SizeRootObjectToView


    1. Set the size of your top QML element and make sure the view's resize mode is set to QDeclarativeView::SizeViewToRootObject

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