Any recommendation for a OpenGL 3D library?

  • I'm migrating from OpenGL fixed pipeline to OpenGL programable shader. To me it's very raw and feels like I have to keep re inventing the wheel for small things.
    For example, the beaty Qt renderText() function doenst work anymore, so to draw text it's gonna be a pain. I read something about glyphs on google but so far it seems poorly documented, or at least on latest OpenGL books I didn't find reference. Another pain is object picking, gluPickMatrix() is deprecate so picking is another pain. Also converting coordinates from mouse to viewport is a pain (but this was already a pain back in fixed pipeline :) ).

    I was thinking in trying Ogre 3D or Qt3D, any of you guys have used it or recommend it ? I can live with compiling shaders just to draw lines, but some higher library for text, picking and coordinate transformations would be nice.

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