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Why does Qt create empty.lproj?

  • Does anyone know why Qt creates a blank file on OS X in the bundle at Contents/Resources/empty.lproj ? Seems kind of strange. If it's going to create something like this, it should at least just call it English.lproj and be useful.

  • I see in /qmake/generators/unix/unixmake.cpp it's getting appended to QMAKE_BUNDLE_RESOURCE_FILE, but there is no clear reason why (only happens for app bundles).

  • I don't know the exact reason, but it seems that it is related to application translation. The interwebs are not very insightful on this.

  • I've written dozens of Cocoa apps, commercial and freeware, some fully localized. Never seen this before. I didn't see any other reference to it in the Qt source either. Might have to file a bug or find some other way to contact the devs.

  • My investigation shows that this file is needed to translate the strings in native dialogs according to the selected system locale.

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