Webkit SQL Databases Problem

  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to create 2 separate databases. The first one seems to create okay when I call openDatabase, and I can create a table when I run an SQL CREATE TABLE statement. I can see that the database has been created on the filesystem, and the table has been created.
    However, when I then try to create another database with openDatabase, qtWebkit just hangs.
    Heres my code:

    function createDatabases()
    alert("STARTING UP");

    var shortName = 'db1';
    var displayName = 'DB1';
    var maxSize = 100000; // in bytes

    alert("Open Database 1");

            //open the database
            dbConnection = openDatabase(shortName, "", displayName, maxSize);

    setTimeout(createTables1, 2000);

    function createTables1()
    alert("Create Tables in DB1");


    function(transaction) {
    transaction.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS playerstate(playerid INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT "");', [], createTableHandler, errorHandler);

    function createTableHandler(var1, var2)

    var shortName2 = 'db2';
    var displayName2 = 'DB2';
    var maxSize2 = 100000; // in bytes

    alert("Open Database 2");
    //open the database
    dbConnection2 = openDatabase(shortName2, "", displayName2, maxSize2, function(){alert('anything??');});  
    alert("BEATS ME"); 


    alert("WHATS UP?");

    function errorHandler(var1, var2)

    Can anyone explain what could be going wrong?

    Please note, I'm using setTimeouts because my transaction fails if I try to call immediately after openDatabase - this seems odd to me as well - could both problems be caused by the same underlying issue?

    Many thanks in advance,


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