Key.onReturnedPressed not emitted in TextArea

  • The signal Key.onReturnedPressed doesn't emit when using in a TextArea. It do work on TextField but not TextArea. Is this a bug or normal behavior? I using MeeGo's Qt Quick Component on N9 with PR1.2. The code is like:

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.0

    anchors.fill: parent
    Keys.onReturnPressed: console.log("Key.onReturnedPressed")
    platformSipAttributes: SipAttributes {
    actionKeyEnabled: true
    actionKeyHighlighted: true
    actionKeyLabel: "RETURN"

    Any fix/workaround for this?

  • Looks like you need a focus: true on that TextArea so that it receives key events.

  • not that problem, it is already get focus, if not i won't able to type on it using the keyboard

  • I have no idea, then. Sorry. :(

  • Just a quick note: I believe that Return and Enter have different events. It's worth double checking that the EnterPressed event isn't being received instead of ReturnPressed.

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