TabBar and different Toolbar for each tab

  • Hi all (again... :P)! :)
    I have a problem in my app, involving the use of Tabbar and toolbar.
    My main app in a PageStackWindow with a toolbar. I then have a Page, that use the same toolbar, and another page.
    The second page has a tabbar in it, and what I need to have are different toolbars for each tab I have. Nut what happen is that defining a different toolbar for each tabbar page does not change the toolbar at all. I then try to programmatically change the toolbar of the external page containing the tabs, but it seems that once set, the toolbar cannot be changed for a same page. Is there any workaround for this? :)

  • Noone can help me over this? :(

  • Hi i'm new to qml so i can't help you but maybe this link may help you
    This is a nokia developer project which demonstrate the proper use of UI elements in qml. Download the source code, open the project and go in the toolbars folder. Here you will find an example that changes toolbars dynamically by clicking different buttons. I think you can do same things with tab button as both they have "clicked" signal.
    Hope this help. :)

    [edit: fixed link, Eddy]

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