Is this Qt technolody nokia specific? can I develop general programs in c++ under this SDK?

  • hello.

    This is sandy.
    I am new to this Qt.
    I wanted to ask weather I can make a desktop application with GUI under this framework?
    How is it different from general programming in c++?
    Is this specific to nokia ?


  • Qt is not specific to Nokia and yes you can develop Qt desktop applications for Windows, Linux and OS X.

    bq. The Qt SDK combines the Qt framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of applications for Symbian phones and the Nokia N9 smartphone in addition to desktop platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

    Quoted from "here":

  • Welcome at the Qt-project forums!

    The Qt framework is C++, so it is not different from general programming in C++. What is different is that often the Qt libraries provide alternatives to the C++ standard libraries or boost, though you can of course combine them into your application. A good example are the container classes. You will note differences in coding style too.

  • If you have a look at the "very first example": in the getting started guide you'll see that it's just a normal C++ main() function with some Qt classes declared within it. The only major difference is that where a standard C++ program would end with

    @return 0@

    Qt applications have instead

    @ return app.exec()@

    which is what keeps the GUI window running until the user closes it instead of just ending itself.

    If you're just getting started with Qt, then it would be advisable to read though the entire 'Getting Started' guide from the above link, and don't hesitate to ask for help here on the forums if you get stuck.

  • @Andre
    Thanks for your valuable reply, Sir.
    I am looking forward to this interesting environment :)

    Thanks for guidance, sir.
    As advised, I am going through Getting started, but when ever I am stuck, I will seek help.
    I have taken Qt as SDK and my project is a mini project in C++ for my academic purpose.

    Thanks :)

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