How to begin an instrumentation simulator

  • Hi -

    I've been asked to look into writing a program that will accept telemetry from a communications device via TCP/IP and display graphically the information it receives. The display will look something like this (slightly less complicated):

    ! display)!

    The grid in the upper left will contain many sample points (represented as dots) and will need to be updated regularly (like once a second).

    Controls will be limited to rescaling, refreshing and a few other minor tweaks. Mostly this is a display project.

    What would anyone recommend as the Qt path to take for this? Should it be a Quick project, a Widget project, or something else?

    Thanks for any ideas.

  • I would go for a Widget project. Combined with "Qwt": it should be fairly easy to create ui like one you presented. QtQuick may have better performance in complex graphics, but it's not yet as productive as Graphics View/Scene system when it comes to using standard controls (like line edits, spinboxes, radio buttons) and, AFAIK, there is nothing like qwt for QtQuick.

  • I agree with sidewinder on this one, though it might be smart to keep portability of the GUI in mind while designing your application. If you design your backend/gui separation as if you were going to use a Quick ui (clean separation of ui and implementation, all property and signal/slot based interface), you will have an easy time porting to a different GUI later on if you wish to do that.

  • Thank you for the suggestions. Since this will be my first project that actually uses Qt for more than an IDE, I'd like a recommendation on an example as well, something I can use as a starting point. Any ideas?

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