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Latest Qt 4.7.1 library (No Qt Creator, Windows) contain trojan. Clarification needed.

  • Hello, I have been a long time Qt user as well as an F-Secure 2011 user and have never had this problem prior to the fresh Windows install I did yesterday where I installed the latest 4.7.1 libraries.

    This was what displayed during installation.


    I am not so much interested ignoring this as I am in finding out exactly what is going onto my system since, for what Qt is and what its purpose is, any AV flag is strange and unacceptable.

    If anyone has any further information, I would appreciate that a lot.

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    This is most likely a false positive. So how about doing what the dialog asks, and send the file to F-Secure? If only that they can improve their heuristics ...

  • I was planning on sending the file as soon as I return home.

    Another thread on this forum describes this exact issue/specific trojan being flagged by BitDefender also.

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    That BitDefender is also complaining is no surprise, since FSecure & BitDefender seems to use the same engine (Aquarius)

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