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  • Dear All,

    I am new to QT.

    I have developed my application in clipper. It is business application which includes HR, Finance, Inventory etc.
    I want to change it to GUI.

    Now I want to redeveloped this in C++ using QT.

    I was earlier confused about which language I have to choose Java, C++ or any other.

    I get idea about QT from google search.

    How QT will be useful in desktop application ? So it will be helpful to me in taking decision.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi NiravBhatt,

    First of all, welcome to DevNet.

    Qt is not a language, it's a framework build with C++. There are bindings also for java and python, but the core is C++.

    Qt was initially developed for the desktop. So I would say, you can solve that with Qt. Qt is (from my perspective) one of the best C++frameworks that exists. But you have to know C++ to use it.

    As I don't know your background, I can't say it will help you, in general, it could ;-)

    By the way: could you please change the headline of the post? hello is not very meaningful. Many people just read the headline to decide, whether they go deeper into a thread or not.

  • Dear Gerolf,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have good knowledge on procedural programming, Event Driven Programming.

    I have worked on Clipper, Foxpro, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms/Reports etc.

    I have good knowledge on OOPS, Java.

    I am very much interested in C++. I also get trained in C++.

    Thanking you once again,


  • Qt is an object oriented, event driven framework. You should have little problems getting into it when you have a reasonable background in C++.

    However, as this is a Qt community, don't expect unbiased advice here on if this is the framework for you or not. That depends on many more factors than what you're telling us.

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