Adding SDL to a Qt Creator "Harmattan" Project

  • Hi, fairly new to Qt Creator and very new to N9, used SDL for a few years.

    Question: How do I add SDL libraries (ie SDL.h etc) to the "Harmattan" target of Qt Creator. What I know so far...

    • I've added LIBS += -lSDL to the .pro file
    • I've added "#include <SDL/SDL.h> to the mainwindow.cpp file, but this only links to the desktop SDL libraries.
    • I have Qt Creator 2.4.1 installed with Qt 4.7.4 on Linux.
    • I've checked the SDK-Maintenance-Tool but can find no mention of SDL Libraries.
    • Can't seem to locate anywhere to manually download the libraries.

    I found this mentioned multiple times searching the web...

    "Thanks to initial porting efforts of Javier Pedro, Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is now available for the Nokia N9. The packages can be installed from the Platform SDK and Nokia Apps repositories."

    What does this "Installed from the Platform SDK" refer to? I can't find any such option in Qt Creator.

    Thanks for any help.

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