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Example where photoflow is added to an existing application w/(say) "addWidget"?

  • Hi,

    I must be missing the obvious because I can not get photoflow to work within an existing Qt application. The example compiles and runs great. Even on our 500MHz embedded target. But I am now trying to "put" photoflow "inside" one of our existing Qt applications with other widgets surrounding it. But it just does not show up.

    There are many many examples of photoflow by it's self taking over the entire screen. But I can not find one where photoflow is "just another widget" on a screen with "other widgets" (i.e. buttons and what not).

    Do any know of where I can find such an example?


  • Moved to 3-rd party software forum, as you seem to be talking about a component from somewhere else that you're trying to integrate.

  • Perhaps you can clear that (3rd party software) up for me as well.

    I have seen this picture sliding software under the MIT licence at google.


    I also see similar (if not the same) picture sliding software as part of the examples distributed in the Qt SDK/IDE.

    This is confusing to me. I don't know which copyright I should be obliged to follow. Could you fill me in on the hisroty of this picture / photo sliding widget / application ?


    Here is the example on the qt-project.org web site:

    Here is the example on an external 3rd party web site:

  • I think there are just many implementations of the same idea. The coverflow idea (patented by Apple? Not sure on that one) was picked up by others after Apple introduced it on the iPod touch rather quickly by others, who came up with their own implementations. There are also examples on how to build one using QML (quite simple, actually), and even libqxt has a "widget":http://libqxt.bitbucket.org/doc/0.6/qxtflowview.html#details in the library implementing the idea.

    So, you adhere to the licence of the implementation you use, and hope Apple did not patent it or can't be bothered to go after you.

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