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I like to develop simple video application with transitions , which lib should I use?

  • hello all
    I like to develop simple video application that , takes images and or text and creates video out of it and sound track.
    The most important thing is that I could program simple ( very simple ) transitions between images or each N seconds
    I have no experience in video and have no idea with libraries to use for this task , i know the GUI will be Qt .
    I will love to hear what do you think .

  • ffmpeg comes to mind...

  • it is one part of it i know . but with what i can do images transitions or in video text ?
    maybe something like OpenFrameworks .. i really have no idea .

  • Without a better idea of what you want, me neither, but this really isn't Qt related. That you make your GUI in Qt, does not make questions on what other libs to use on-topic here.

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