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Cross compiling from ubuntu to windows

  • Hello, I'm really confused about cross compiling my application.

    I'm using qwt and muParser libraries and everything works when compiling for ubuntu. But when I want to cross compile it to windows with mingw compiler it shows errors like : cannot find -lqwt-qt4
    When I cross compile some basic app without using qwt or muParser everithing is ok.
    Someone gave mw an advice to cross sompile also qwt and muParser, but how exactly I can do it if I downloaded my libqwt5-qt4-dev from Ubuntu Software Center?

    Could anybody help me?
    I appreciate any advice.

  • If you want to have cross-compiling - you should manage dependencies. Add qwt.dll and muparser.dll for example.

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    The libqwt5-qt4-dev package is the development files for libqwt5 for ubuntu. You will need a windows version installed in the place where your cross-compiler expects it.

    Most likely the same is true for muParser.

  • How can I get windows version of qwt in my ubuntu? Is there some procedure how can I do that? thanks

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