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Doesn't see MSVC compile option in Qt creator.

  • Hi all.Very strange issue I am having here.I installed a new version of Qt Creator.But I can see that I have noly ability to run debugging under MinGW . My old version had MSVC .In the toolchain I can see MSVC compilers but not under build desktop option. Where is the problem.I also re-installed Windows SDK to make sure I have debug tools installed. But still can't run under MSVC .I need it because window OpenGL glew lib doesn't work with MinGW .


  • Change your title to "Doesn't see MSVC compile option in Qt Creator"

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    Creator only offers compilers that are expected to work with the Qt version you have selected. So if you have a Mingw Qt, then only Mingw tool chains will be offered (as MSVC will not produce working binaries). So the question is: Which Qt version did you pick for your project?

  • Thanks guys.Never mind.It was a stupid thing.I had to check MSVC 2010 checkbox in install dialog.It is just strange it is not marked by default .

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